Pay & Play Rules


About the site

Site opening times are from 9am to 4pm; please ensure you leave the site by the closing time.

A speed limit of 5mph is applicable across the whole site and must be adhered to at all times; anyone found to be speeding on site will be removed.

Spectators are restricted to the car park and must wear a hi-viz jacket. Ask site official for details. Keep well clear of the off-road courses at all times: standing on or near the track is not permitted at any point.

Marshals will be on hand to give any help, advice/ guidance or recovery on various aspects of driving or winching on the site, but any liability for any injury to person or damage to vehicles arising out of such advice or guidance is expressly excluded.

Decisions made by the management and or marshals are final and are to be respected.

Pets are not encouraged on site and dogs must be kept on a short lead if they are outside the vehicle.

Anyone found making new tracks (without Essex Off Road approval) will be asked to leave the site.

Noise should be kept to a minimum.

Prior to Entry

Vehicles may be safety-checked on entry to the site. The management and/or marshals reserve the right to refuse entry to any vehicle which they consider is not suitable for off-road use.

On arrival you must notify gate staff if you have not gone off road before. We encourage anyone who has not tried off-roading before to have some tuition before driving for the first time. This can be arranged by pre-booking.

On entry to site all drivers must have a full UK driving licence for the type of vehicle they are driving, this includes any passenger that may drive while you are on site; any passenger found driving without a full UK licence for the vehicle will be immediately removed along with the other vehicle occupants.

While on site

Please take care not to damage the tree or shrubs. Anyone found doing this will be immediately removed and banned.


Any drivers found damaging other vehicles and not respecting the environment or track will be BANNED and removed from site.


The number of occupants in vehicles using the off-road courses must not exceed the number of seats with seatbelts. Drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Anyone considered to be under the influence of drink or drugs will be removed.

No alcohol or illegal substances are allowed on site. Anyone found to be carrying these items will be removed from site.

CHILDREN are permitted as passengers but must be supervised by an adult, Childrenare not allowed out of the vehicle once inside the offroad course unless instructed by a club official or marshal, Anyone under 16 must be supervised at all times, Children under 12 must wear a fluorescent viz-vest when on site at all times.

All non-participating vehicles must remain in the designated car park.

The Red course can be dangerous and care should be taken when tracks are marked Red

The black course is dangerous and should only be attempted by vehicles fitted with a full roll cage and harness seatbelts; Unsuitable vehicles will be immediately removed and banned from Essex Off Road


Beware of the public footpath running next to the river.

Do not park so you obstruct the route for others; ensure a safe route past is available at all times.

If you are not sure whether to drive a route, get out, ensuring your own safety while doing so and have a look first. The golden rule is if in doubt DON’T DO IT! Please check all routes before attempting them.

Please stay with your vehicle if you are stuck or broken down.

The use of horns/sirens is strictly prohibited unless there is a real emergency.

In cases of an accident or injury please contact an official or marshal immediately.

On leaving site

Essex is happy to provide vehicle steam-cleaning facilities for clients’ use after a session on the courses. Wheels must be washed on the inside and out, However, if you wish a member of staff to do this for you then a £5 charge will be levied by Essex Offroad.  In wet conditions

In wet conditions all vehicles (Must) be washed before joining the A130 Thanks for your co-operation.

Take all your litter home with you.

Vehicle specifications

All vehicles must be mechanically sound to be allowed on site.

All vehicles must be fitted with an adequate silencer/exhaust system which will pass a noise test if required. Noise levels must not exceed 98dBs at ¾ max revs when measured at 0.5 metres from the exhaust.

All vehicles must have: A fire extinguisher (securely attached), suitable towrope, tow points front and rear and a First Aid kit. Anything inside the vehicle must be securely fastened down.

Anyone breaking the rules will be immediately removed and banned from Essex Off Road Ltd.


Your behaviour affects our image – so please drive sensibly.